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Tra Que Rice-Pancake

Trà Quế BANH XEO  – VIETNAMESE PANCAKE Banh Xeo is Vietnamese crispy crepe made with fried rice flour batter filled with pork belly, shrimp, bean sprouts, scallions served with sauce and vegetable including lettuce, carrot, cucumber, etc. Banh Xeo actually means sizzling cake because of the sound of rice batter when it hits hot skillet. The dish is being loved […]

Cao Lau

Cao Lau is a Vietnamese dish made with thick noodles, slices of roasted pork, Tra Que village herb organic including bean sprouts, herbs and lettuce. What makes Cao Lau special is that the dish is found only in Hoi An since the delicious local fresh rice made from Cu Lao Cham – a small island near Hoi An, and the […]

Tam Huu Dish

Tam huu means three friends and the “three friends” are the main ingredients. It is a type of Vietnamese spring roll which uses the ingredients of prawns, pork and herbs. To make the spring roll, instead of using rice paper, spring onion leaves are used to wrap around the prawns and pork.